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[05 Mar 2006|02:08pm]


Hey everyone! I just wanted to
invite you all to P-I-N-K-I-C-E!

We are celebrating our 1st
birthday very soon, so please come and join the fun!

Please join and fill out an application =D

JOIN p_i_n_k_i_c_e NOW!

loves pink

[07 Oct 2005|09:50pm]

hi to all!!! :D
i'm a new member and this is my first post in a community...
Pink color is my first and unique love!!! *love*
nice to meet you!!!!!
loves pink

I love pink [01 Aug 2005|09:38pm]
Pink!Collapse )
1 // loves pink

[04 Jun 2005|07:32pm]


JOIN p_i_n_k_i_c_e NOW!

P.S I'm sorry if this isn't wanted here. If its not, please delete and l'm sorry for the inconvenience! This community just seems like it has cool people who would be a great addition to the above community! <3
loves pink

[05 Sep 2004|12:17am]

Hey... just a notice!
Im starting sixth form soon & i dont think ill have time to promote or really post much on these communities anymore...
BUT .. this was my first community i ever joined so im still gna be a member!
Apologies in advance for lack of posting
Miss_Moto x x x x xox x x x x
6 // loves pink

Stamped [21 Aug 2004|01:48am]


Yo Look!!Collapse )

3 // loves pink

a little something i put together for your amusment [15 Aug 2004|09:24pm]

pictures...you know you want to lookCollapse )
7 // loves pink

STAMPED [15 Aug 2004|12:52pm]

Sweet SixteenthCollapse )
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application [14 Aug 2004|12:02am]



Name ::  Kimberly
Nickname(s) ::  Kimmi, Kimbo, Kimz, Kimberz....etc
Age ::  18 years old
Location ::  Rocky Hill, CT
Status (e.g. single) ::  loving my b/f Kevin <333
How do you find out about this community? ::  Friend

Read more...Collapse )

2 // loves pink

JOIN JOIN JOIN! PLEASE!!! [11 Aug 2004|07:06am]

[ mood | bored ]

this community is dying and it needs your help

the coolest community ever!

loves pink

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